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Final Fantasy XIII-2

This week Square Enix offered us a surprise by giving us the presentation of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Yes, -2 like FFX-2, a game that many remember as a bad disco experience more akin to Totally Spies than to Final Fantasy, but a game that actually received very good reviews, some of them being even superior to FFX… everybody has its own tastes.

Anyway let’s hope that FFXIII-2 won’t take the same approach and that it won’t turn the original game with all its flaws into something even worse. The new feathered costume of Lightning, the techno-lyrical music that resembles FFX-2’s tunes, and the new male antagonist make me fear for the worst, but we’ll see what will actually happen.

Here is the teaser for the game but be careful if you didn’t finish the first game, spoilers appear right from the beginning, jump to second 43 for the short teaser.

Who’s that guy? And what are all those feathers on his head? Why is Lightning wearing an armor? We’ll have to wait to know. Notice the guy’s cool looking purple flame blade.

Maybe this time, the creators will take some time to test the game in Western territories possibly not 2 months before release, and check if they actually LIKE IT, something usually important for a game. Are they going to re-use the same environments as in the original like they did with X-2? In that case, would the game still be that linear? To make it more suited to Americans and Europeans they would have to create brand new levels to give more freedom and do a total revamp of the combat system. That is likely to take much time and money. So I am a little skeptical when I see that they are announcing it for “Next Winter”, ergo January to March 2012. Well actually I don’t believe it for one second, and I am astonished that Square Enix keeps on giving this kind of info when they pulled FFXIII for a long time, I haven’t forgotten my 4 years of waiting! But maybe I am wrong. I hope I am, because if they push back the release of this game, they will lose the little credibility they still have.

Oh and what about Final Fantasy Versus XIII? FF Agito XIII? Kingdom Hearts 3? Are they all coming in 2012 too?

Sources: IGN

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